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We believe that we can improve our health and the health of the planet with every sip of water we drink.
We believe that by mindfully focusing on our hydration we can dramatically transform our own well-being while eliminating unneeded waste at the same time.

Born in Charleston, South Carolina, we created Healthy Human in 2014 when we were struggling to find alternatives to environmentally unfriendly and unsafe water bottles.
We wanted something that was easy to carry, didn’t sweat or retain flavors and, most importantly, was safe to use. We couldn’t find it. So we created Healthy Human, and quickly sold out of our products in three short months. It turned out that we were in good company!

Since, we have been obsessed with designing products that are durable, sustainable and safe. Today, from the beaches of South Carolina to mountains, yoga studios and offices around the world, you can find Healthy Humans – as well as their human owners – making the world a healthier place.

Our Pledge: Healthy for Humans. Healthy for the Earth.

Did you know that most used water bottles end up in landfills and take more than 1,000 years to decompose? At the same time, studies show that tap water contains fewer toxins and chemicals than bottled water. Ditch your bottled water habit and let Healthy Human help transform your health and and the health of the planet.

Be sure to look for the Born in Charleston stamp of authenticity.
Healthy Humans are the only products on the market that offer Temp MaxTM technology and are meticulously designed to help you sip safely and confidently. To make sure your Healthy Human is authentic, look for the Born in Charleston stamp of authenticity on the bottom of your bottle, as well as the laser logo on the side.

Healthy Humans

On average, humans need to drink 64 oz. of water every day. Staying hydrated can dramatically improve your overall well-being.

Healthy Earth

By using Healthy Human’s products, you can eliminate unneeded waste in landfills and improve our environment with every sip of water you drink.

Healthy Hydration

All of Healthy Human’s products are 100% BPA-free made with the highest quality 18/8 stainless steel.

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We’re committed to product integrity

You never have to worry about the materials in a Healthy Human product – We do that for you. We make all of our products with only the highest quality food grade 18/8 stainless steel. Why? Because stainless steel is rust, corrosion and stain-resistant, making it the perfect material for our products. It never imparts any flavors from drinks, and we make sure our bottles have smooth, rounded edges so you never have to worry about bacteria or mold lurking in them.

Healthy Human has carefully researched, designed and created a group of hydration products that are colorful, fun, eco-friendly, safe, reusable and durable. And our stainless steel vacuum insulated bottles never sweat!

We value kindness above all else

At Healthy Human we strive to treat our customers, suppliers, co-workers and all those in the extended Healthy Human family with respect, integrity and honesty. We have made it our mission to make this world a better place, where we can all feel confident and safe in the products we use everyday. We exist to create experiences where passion and purpose come together.


All of our products are designed with smooth, rounded edges that never give bacteria or flavors a place to lurk and hide. Smooth edges also make cleaning a breeze.




Life is complicated. Your water bottle shouldn’t be. That’s why we made all of our bottles with the same size cap to help you keep your life simple. Rest easy knowing they are 100% BPA-free and are lined with 18/8 stainless steel, so none of your beverages ever touch plastic

Wonder why our stainless steel vacuum insulated bottles never sweat? The double-wall construction enables us to suck out all of the air between them, preventing air particles from transferring the heat or the cold to the outside wall. While a perfect vacuum is impossible to achieve, ours come pretty darn close by keeping hot things hot for 12 hrs and cold things cold for 24 hrs. Try doing that with a plastic or paper cup!
The perfect size bottle opening was something we studied and tested for months until we finally settled on what we think is the perfect-sized mouth opening. It makes adding ice and filling a snap, drinking easy, and clean-up a breeze. Our lids are also interchangeable between bottle sizes. Why complicate things? We like simple.
We use only the highest quality 18/8 stainless steel for our bottles. Stainless steel is rust, corrosion and stain resistant making it the perfect material for our products. It never imparts any flavors from past drinks,making it enjoyable to drink from daily.
Healthy Humans are super easy to wash. Their wide mouths allow for easy handwashing with a soft bottle brush.The rounded interior edges never hold on to junk in the creases so your Healthy Human stays squeaky clean with little effort. We always recommend air drying completely, when not in use, before placing the cap back on.
We believe we can improve the health of the planet with every sip we take. Every time you use a Healthy Human product you are improving the world by not filling up our oceans and landfills with throw-away products that take hundreds of years to decompose.
We take pride in our recycled material box and design, which makes our products super sustainable gifts for loved ones. You won’t find any plastic or bubble wrap here!

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