Food & Beverages

Food & Beverages

An Integrated Approach to Food & Beverages Distribution

Consumers enjoy more food and beverage choices than ever. And demand is rising for foods labeled as organic, non GMO, gluten- and pesticide-free, and other natural characteristics, as well as ethnic and artisanal foods. Distributors are challenged to optimize complex and growing SKU volumes, and to fine-tune demand planning by geography, demographics, seasonality and more.

Food safety and traceability.

Distributors face an increasingly tough challenge with regulations therefore transparency and lot traceability are essential, especially if a distributor needs to respond to a recall alert with information on when and where a product was sold, and how much remains in transit or in stock.

Market consolidation.

With rapid consolidation among food manufacturers and distributors, independent wholesalers cannot afford to sit idly by. Competing effectively requires innovations to enhance customer interactions and traditionally high service levels. Systems modernization also helps distributors shave time and money from processes while protecting margins threatened by economies of scale.

Complex trade promotions.

Deviations and rebates in food distribution and depletion allowances on the beverage side are growing more complex as suppliers and retailers scramble for the consumer dollar. Distributors need transparent, real-time processes to manage these trade promotions, facilitate customer pricing and vendor chargebacks, and ensure the bottom line doesn’t suffer.