Coconut Water

Coconut water is found in young coconuts and is a good source of fiber, vitamin C and several important minerals.
Coconut water contains antioxidants that protect cells from damaging free radicals.Studies on diabetic animals suggest that it may improve blood sugar control. It’s also a good source of magnesium, which may increase insulin sensitivity and reduce blood sugar levels. Early animal research suggests that water from coconuts may potentially prevent kidney stones by reducing crystal and stone formation.
Animal studies suggest that coconut water may have powerful cholesterol-lowering properties. Coconut water may help lower blood pressure and potentially decrease the risk of blood clots forming in the arteries. Coconut water is effective at replenishing fluids and electrolytes after exercise. It is comparable to other sports beverages.

Coconut water can be consumed directly from green coconuts or in bottles. Avoid brands with added sugar, sweeteners or flavors.

Types of Coconut Water

Abstract Vaccum Sealed Coconut Water

An improved process of Mexican Patent N°. 186456 is hereby described for attaining whole coconut meat, with its water inside, packed at high-vacuum with an external appearance of “snow ball”, and that may be eaten immediately as natural fresh fruit, or that in suitable storage conditions, it may be preserved with a useful life up to one year, without losing its original freshness and flavor; and wherein improvement consists of arranging the balls of frozen coconut meat into small baskets so through a carousel they may be introduced into an immersion wash system, a spray cleansing system, and a sanitizing system through an ultraviolet radiation germicidal unit; all this is effected in a simultaneous operation that eliminates any kind of product’s impurities, germs, or microorganisms before it is high-vacuum packed, without so modifying the natural fruit flavor and freshness, providing it greater useful life thereto.

100% Pure Tetra Pak Coconut Water

Made from 100% natural coconut water & processed on Tetra Pak production line with direct UHT technology to help protect the flavor and nutrients of fresh coconut. With no sugar added, no preservatives and never from concentrate, 100% PURE coconut water will leave you a feeling of purity & healthy.

Tender coconut water Polished or Diamond Cut

Perishability of tender coconut is relatively high and once the tender coconuts are detached from the bunches its natural freshness will get lost within 24 to 36 hours even under refrigerated conditions unless treated scientifically. 

The bulkiness of tender coconut is due to the husk which accounts for two-third of the volume of tender nut.Handling of tender coconuts will be easy if a major part of the husk is removed. But, when partial removal of husk is done the colour of the nut will be changed to brown thereby reducing the attractiveness of the nut. Technologies for minimal processing of tender coconut have been developed for retaining the flavour and to prevent discolouration. The technology for minimal processing of tender coconut developed involves dipping partially dehusked tender coconut in a solution of 0.50% citric acid and 0.50% potassium metabisulphate for three minutes.

The product can be stored up to 60 days in refrigerated condition at 4-8 degree centigrade. By using this process, tender coconut can be transported to distant place & served chilled like in its natural form We export fresh young coconut water polished or diamond cut to your specs Worldwide.

Tender coconut water in bottles & aluminium cans

The packing of a tender coconut water in bottles & aluminium cans with shelf life of more than six months under normal ambience condition and 12 months under refrigerated condition. The process involves collection of tender coconut water under hygienic conditions, up gradation and pasteurization, filtration and packaging either in Bottles or cans as the case may be