Poonjiaji & Ship

Poonjiaji products have provided the secret ingredients to many companies success stories. Providing complete solutions that saves time, resources and storage space. Poonjiaji specialized divisions cater to the specific and diverse requirements of their clientele.
Our Vision

131 years of quality, taste, and innovation

Our Stalwarts (Brands)

Both are strong brands with a wide range of products having an established customer base.

Facilities & Capacity

Spice Based Factory
Located in Ratlam, Madhya Pradesh the hub of seed spices makes it possible for us to procure them at competitive rates.
Capacity of the Plant – 1800 MT / Year

Curry Based Factory
Located in Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra the hub of Fruits & Vegetables makes it possible for us to procure them at competitive rates.
Capacity of the Plant – 1500 MT / Year

SHIP Brand- Madras Curry Powder

Is a strong mature product with exemplary consistency in terms of customer satisfaction and loyalty. Constantly nourished with value added recipe books, cooking tips etc. It is the largest selling branded curry powder in the world.

SHIP BRAND- Sliced Mango Pickle In Vinegar

The product has a taste that most competitors fail to match and the packaging provides wide availability.

Chutneys in Bangkok

SHIP Brand- Chutneys

Lip smacking and favorites with most types of cuisines.
Major Grey’s Mango Chutney: An original invention from Poonjiaji’s has evolved into a generic name.

SHIP BRAND- The Masala Range

SHIP BRAND- The Complete Range


A mouth watering range of pickles are very famous for creating an appetite just by their mere mention.

Trusted by customers for generations.

POONJIAJI – Condiments

A step ahead at making food delicious with the best quality ingredients these condiments add flavor yet allow users to retain their recipes and cooking styles in any type of cuisine.

POONJIAJI – Chutneys


POONJIAJI – Ready To Cook Gravies / Eat

At par with the authentic Indian taste, makes an excellent meal and has varieties that leave most customers searching for more. Available in both vegetarian and Non-vegetarian recipes with minimal cooking time. Served on a platter is an understatement! This range includes retort products.

POONJIAJI – Chaat House

These are tasty exciting snacks which can be prepared in infinite ways, convenient packs are handy for trips, picnics, home parties and satisfy everyone’s craving for a change In taste

POONJIAJI – The Complete Range

Private Label Business
Zipping Solutions across the globe

Spicing things up across the world

•Poonjiaji’s Private Label Division is dedicated to serving clients with specific requirements about quality as well as packaging

• Quality standards providing pioneering solutions at competitive costs.

• Customized packaging options – Glass Bottles / Pet Jars / Retort Packs / Boxes / Pouches

• Our Clients are confident that all they have to do is contact us with their requirements and Poonjiaji’s will cater to their needs round the year and round the clock.

Industrial Business
The Mark of Quality & Reliability

 Catering to the needs of various industries

• A trusted ingredient supplier catering to the culinary needs of various industries, which include meal manufacturers, military camps and labour camps.

• Providing solutions in the form of raw materials resulting in cost saving whilst maintaining high standards of quality.

• The products conform to all International Quality norms as per HACCP. (hazard Analysis at Critical Control Points)

Catering/Food Service Business
Just a click away

A hot favorite of the catering Industry

•A popular choice with the catering industry globally.

• The division has set up modern laboratories to conduct R & D as well as quality checks, including physical, chemical and microbiological tests.

• Minute attention detail in record maintenance, raw material sourcing and high standard of process control ensures perfect traceability.